Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Difference between Windows Xp and Windows Vista

1. Images are bigger in Windows Vista than in Windows Xp.
2. Windows Vista is more secure than Windows Xp as it is charged with Windows parental Acess and user access control.
3. Sysprep (c:\windows\sys32\sysprep) is already installed in Windows Vista.
4. Boot.ini is not presented in Windows vista. bootmgr reads boot configuration data from bcdedit.exe OR from WMI(Windows management Instrumentation).
5. Configuration information is in .xml format in Windows vista insteed of .txt format like in Windows XP.
6. Multilangual user interface is neutral in Windows vista.
7. Bitlocker option in Windows Xp to prevent hard drive from hackers.
8. Windows Vista has Windows defender tool to prevent from spyware and unwanted software.
9. Windows Xp work smoothly on 256 MB of RAM(Recommanded) whereas Windows Vista recommands 1GB of RAM.
10. Windows Vista has parental control access features to restrict child computer.

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