Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Difference between Windows 98 and Windows XP

1. Windows 98 Support FAT file system & Windows XP support NTFS And Also FAT

2. Windows 98 Does not Having Remote Access facility While in Windows XP there is.

3. Windows 98 Does not need faster processing speed while Windows XP Need 500mhz processing Speed.

4. Windows 98 Does not provide System Restore while Windows XP Provide.

5. Windows 98 does not having Hibernate facility While Windows XP having Hibernate Facility.

6. Windows 98 And Windows Xp layout And visual Styles are Different.

7. Windows Xp improve Device Support.

8. Windows XP having CD Burning Facility,fast user Switching.

9. Windows Xp has ability to support multithreading to utilize hyperthreading feature.

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